What today's filmmakers need is a one-stop post house they can trust to professionally finish their film with the highest standards of quality, service and final delivery.

KL POST rises to this challenge. We provide a wide yet focused range of services for filmmakers, from expert consultation during production, VFX shoots to AUDIO recording services on set.

Once principal photography is completed, KL POST begins the process of taking material and piecing together a finished motion picture or television program. We have in-house EDITORS who understand the art of storytelling and work to translate the clients' vision. Our VFX artist collaboratively contributes to the visual style as visualized by the clients. SOUND DESIGN is processed in-house and the final mix for both theatrical release and final print are completed in cooperation with our partner, Technicor LAB in Thailand.

Prior to film out, all the visual elements is COLOR graded in-house for optimum visual style as desired by our clients. We are equipped to handle all ranges of picture formats from DSLR shoots to 35mm film.

Sound Design VFX Editing Color Location Sound